These 37 Critical Food Items Will Save Your Life!

Don't wait! These items will be sold out after a crisis. Prepare yourself ahead of time.

10 Of The 37 Critical Food Items Needed ?>

37 Critical Food Items Can Be Obtained In No Time At All!

37 Critical FoodAccording to Damien Campbell, the author of “37 Food Items Sold Out After A Crisis”, these are 10 of the 37 critical food items that are necessary to survive any disaster. These are items that can be picked up at your local Walmart, Costco or neighborhood grocery store. The idea is to purchase all of these items where they are the least expensive. If you get one or two of these items each time you go to purchase your grocery products, you will have all of these in no time.

#1) Sugar – can be used to boost energy and sweeten drinks or foods

#2) Salt – probably the most important food item. Used for seasoning food, preserving food, first aid for wounds, treating skin problems and more

#3) Baking Soda – used for baking, cleaning clothes, cleaning teeth, cleaning dishes, removing stains, absorbing odors and other uses

#4) Instant Beverages – if vacuum sealed, they can last for years. Beverages like coffee and cocoa can be very relaxing

#5) Liquor – yes liquor. It can be soothing and relaxing at times. It can be used to treat wounds. And – if you need to trade for other items, this is a popular bargaining item

#6) Wheat – lasts for decades. It is used to make flour, bread, pasta and other items

#7) White Rice – lots of calories for little money. White rice has a longer shelf life than brown rice

#8) Honey – never goes bad. It is healthy and can be used as a sweetener

#9) Distilled White Vinegar – used for cooking and cleaning

#10) Soy Sauce – this also never goes bad. A great seasoning for foods

Just 37 Critical Food  To Survive!

Everyone wonders the same thing, what are the 37 critical food items¬†needed in case of a catastrophe?” The remaining 27 items can be found in the sold out after crisis guide. I am sure that if people were to begin preparing themselves in case they were forced to survive a disaster, they would start stocking up on things that they believed would be necessary. But the bottom line is, there are only 37 critical food items that a person should stock up on. Be prepared, but be smart.

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